HR Frank Executive

November 18, 2016

HR Frank Exclusive

HR Frank Exclusive, a reputable and respected company providing American club vintage styles and more; earned excellent feedback from its customers over the years for delivering quality clothing. It desired to be well-known as “a vintage style expert brand”, enlarge its base, and reach more potential customers.


When HR Frank Exclusive hired Openview Marketing Inc, it wanted to create more traffic online and generate a strong online presence. Many of its sales are made at fashion shows, trade fairs, and one-on-one contact. HR Frank Exclusive wanted to increase online-related sales.


The starting place for Openview was to give HR Frank Exclusive a strong and catchy website. HR Frank Exclusive offers a wide range of styles and accessories, so the web content provided an opportunity to showcase, describe, and advertise the clothing. The web pages gave Openview more avenues to create key-rich SEO content to engage more customers.
48 - Claritas est etiam processus
23 - Mirum est notare quam littera
17 - Investigationes demonstraverunt
17 - Eodem modo typi


With Openview, HR Frank Exclusive achieved better sales via its online store, increased website monthly visits, and income. After kicking off the SEO program, revenue earned from online users increased by over 40% within a month and improved to 130% within a year. Its followers on social media have also increased rapidly.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

From The Client

Collaboration with Openview helped drive awesome results for project detail #1. They have made our content rank high on search pages, we get more traffic than ever.
Jonathan Simpson
H.R. Frank Exclusive American Club
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