Elite brand

November 09, 2016

Elite brand

Elite brand is an eCommerce setup, which works on the supplying of new and used clothes to customers. Customers who have expensive clothes that they rarely put in use or ones that are used once or twice and the customers no longer want to keep that clothe in their closet can sell their dresses on that website. The price of the dress depends on the quality and fabric of the dress.

The business, later on, starts to produce the lunch boxes and started offering delivery services by itself. Now, the business has officially introduced these two services as their two components and successfully led their Business as a B2B business.


Elite brand is an online marketing platform, which means that proper connectivity to the internet is necessary to maintain the proper flow of the business. In the last couple of months, the business witnessed a major setback because of the low reach of people on the home page of the website. The company owner of the Elite brand met with the team of Openview Marketing Inc. and discussed the challenges that they were facing.


The management of Openview Inc. provided the solution to maintain a high-context website, which is possible by using the most powerful SEO keywords. Powerful SEO keywords enabled the website to display on the main pages of the search engines.


After the implementation of powerful SEO keywords, the website started ranking among the top 10 websites of eCommerce in the country which is itself a major outbreak of success for the business. The business has marked a revenue of about 80 million USD, which is approximately equal to the total revenue of the business from the last ten years.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

From The Client

The owners of Elite brands are eager to forward their message of thankful regards to the team of Openview Marketing Inc. your help and guidance was one of the major requirement. Thanks for helping us.
Jonathan Simpson
H.R. Frank Exclusive American Club
Café Royal Roasters
HR Frank Executive